25–29 June 2018
Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia

Courses and Workshops


AIAA is introducing two NEW workshops and one new course at 2017 AVIATION Forum!

1st AIAA Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshop NEW!

3-4 June 2017 0800-1700 hrs
Governor's Square 12
This two-part workshop will assess the current state-of-the art in geometry preprocessing and mesh generation technology and software as applied to aircraft and spacecraft systems. It will help identify and develop understanding of areas of needed improvement (performance, accuracy, applicability) in geometry processing and mesh generation technology software. And it will provide a foundation for documenting best practices for geometry preprocessing and mesh generation. More Details.

3rd AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop

3-4 June 2017 0800-1700 hrs
Governor's Square 14
This workshop will assess the numerical prediction capability of current-generation CFD technology/codes for swept, medium-to-high-aspect ratio wings for landing/take-off (high-lift) configurations. Other objectives include developing practical modeling guidelines for CFD prediction of high-lift flow fields, advancing the understanding of high-lift flow physics to enable development of more accurate prediction methods and tools, and enhancing CFD prediction capability for practical high-lift aerodynamic design and optimization. More Details

Optimal Design in Multidisciplinary Systems

3-4 June 2017 0800-1700 hrs
Governor's Square 10
When you are designing or evaluating a complicated engineering system such as an aircraft or a launch vehicle, can you effectively reconcile the multitude of conflicting requirements, interactions, and objectives? This course discusses the underlying challenges in such an environment, and introduces you to methods and tools that have been developed over the years. More Details.

Practical Methods for Aircraft and Rotorcraft Flight Control Design and Hands-on Training Using CONDUIT® NEW!

3-4 June 2017 0900-1730 hrs
Governor's Square 11
This course will review best practices in selection of handling-qualities and flight control specifications, simulation modeling and fidelity assessment, and flight control design and analysis methods and demonstrate how flight dynamics and control theory is brought to practice by reviewing historical aircraft and rotorcraft flight control design case studies and lessons learned. More Details


Please contact Megan Scheidt if you have any questions about courses and workshops at AIAA forums.


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