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Siemens’ Battery-Powered Plane Breaks Electric-Flight Speed Record

7 April 2017
The Daily Mail reports that Siemens’ Extra 330LE battery-powered plane “has hit a new speed record for electric flight,” reaching more than 210mph in a test-flight last month in Germany. For the flight, the 330LE – a test model for Siemens’ electric propulsion development – used a “powerful electric motor that weighed just 50 kilograms [110 pounds],” with 260 kW of power output, to exceed the previous record by 8.4mph. While electric aircraft still face a long road to commercial viability, Siemens Executive Vice President and head of eAircraft Frank Anton said, “By 2030, we expect to see the first planes carrying up to 100 passengers and having a range of about 1,000 km [621 mi].” (Image Credit: Siemens)
More Info (Forbes)

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