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Homeland Security Seeks New Authority To Deal With UAV Threats

1 June 2018
TIME reports that although the commercial UAV market is expanding rapidly in the US, current “laws and regulations aren’t designed” to deal with the potential threats that the aircraft pose. Electronic eavesdropping laws prevent government officials “from disabling drones midair with electromagnetic signals,” although a new bill in the Senate “that would give the Trump Administration the power to electronically jam drones that get too close to federal facilities” is expected to pass this year. A fact sheet issued by the White House to support new UAV countermeasures argues that criminals could “drop explosive payloads, deliver harmful substances and conduct reconnaissance” using quadcopters. According to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, “[W]e’ve already seen criminals use [UAVs] along and within our borders for illicit purposes.” Nielsen added that her department is “working with Congress for the authorities needed to ensure we can better protect the American people against emerging drone threats.” (Image Credit: US Army)
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