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White House Aide: Drones Are The Future Of US Aviation

7 June 2018
Writing for CNN , Deputy Assistant to the President on Technology Policy Michael Kratsios argues that UAVs are the future of US aviation. Kratsios forecasts that UAVs will “create countless American jobs within and around the aviation industry, transform the delivery of household goods, improve the safety of dangerous occupations and expand access to life-saving medical supplies.” For this reason, the White House hopes to advance UAVs in a safe way. Kratsios highlights that Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao selected 10 partnerships for a new pilot program that aims to allow “the operation of drones in innovative ways for the benefit of the American people.” (Image: A UAV carrying simulated blood, and other medical samples, flies during a delivery simulation Wednesday, June 22, 2016, in Lower Township, NJ. Credit: Associated Press–©)
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