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Airbus Perlan Glider Reaches 62,000 Over Patagonia

31 August 2018
Aviation International News reports that the Airbus Perlan Mission 2 “recently achieved a glide above a pressure altitude of more than 62,000 feet, thanks to stratospheric mountain waves” over Argentina. The flight is not officially validated, but it is believed to market a new “gliding altitude world record.” The Perlan 2 glider is “pressurized and capable of soaring up to 90,000 feet,” and the mission’s backers hope to fly the glider “to the edge of space to support high-altitude flight, weather, and climate change research.” Perlan Project CEO Ed Warnock called the achievement a “testament to a pioneering spirit of exploration that runs through everyone on the project and through the organizations that support us.” Flights for the Perlan 2 will “continue as weather and winds permit through mid-September.” According to Airbus CEO Tom Enders, “Perlan truly embodies the kind of bold thinking and creativity that are core Airbus values.” Enders added that the “Perlan Project is achieving the seemingly impossible.” (Image: Airbus Perlan Mission II pilots Jim Payne (left) and Morgan Sandercrock, after setting the previous glider world altitude record of 52,172 feet, 3 Sept. 2017. Credit: Airbus)
More Info (Aviation International News)

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