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Lion Air Considers Cancellation Of Boeing Jet Orders

4 December 2018
Reuters reports that Lion Air is “reviewing airplane purchases” from The Boeing Company, and “has not ruled out cancelling orders as relations worsen in a spat over responsibility for a 737 jetliner crash that killed 189 people in late October, sources told Reuters.” Lion Air Group co-founder Rusdi Kirana is “furious over what he sees as attempts by Boeing to deflect attention from recent design changes and blame Lion Air for the crash, while the airline faces scrutiny over its maintenance record and pilots’ actions,” according to the sources. Kirana may seek to cancel the carrier’s remaining orders “from the next delivery.” Kirana, a “former group CEO who now serves as Indonesia’s ambassador to Malaysia, remains closely involved with Lion Air and hosts a monthly meeting in Kuala Lumpur with the heads of the group’s airlines based in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, according to the second person and an industry source.” Lion Air has 190 Boeing jets “worth $22 billion at list prices waiting to be delivered, on top of 197 already taken,” making the carrier one of the “largest US export customers.” A Boeing spokesman said that the company is “taking every measure to fully understand all aspects of this accident,” and is “working closely with the investigating team and all regulatory authorities involved” as well as “supporting our valued customer through this very tough time.” (Image: Lion Air Boeing 737-900. Credit: Afrogindahood | Wikimedia Commons)
More Info (Reuters)

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