17–21 June 2019
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Boeing Finalizing Software Patch for 737 MAX 8

26 March 2019
The Seattle Times reports that The Boeing Company is finalizing its “proposed software fix” for the 737 MAX 8, with flight tests “likely to begin this week.” The manufacturer “has invited airlines to order [the software fix] pending formal approval from the Federal Aviation Administration.” Boeing spokesman Gordon Johndroe said the software patch will be provided to airlines “free of charge” once it has been certified by the FAA and released. The software patch has been in development since November following the Lion Air crash, and it will “revamp” how the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System works, including using input from both of the 737 MAX 8’s angle of attack sensors and ensuring that the anti-stall system is not “triggered multiple times, as it was in the Lion Air crash.” (Image: Boeing 737-MAX 8 planes are parked Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018, near Boeing Co.'s 737 assembly facility in Renton, WA. Credit: Associated Press-©)
More Info (Seattle Times)

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