25–29 June 2018
Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia


AVIATION Award 2017
AIAA celebrates our industry’s discoveries and achievements from the small but brilliantly simple innovations that affect everyday life to the major discoveries and missions that fuel our collective human drive to explore and accomplish amazing things.   

Monday, 25 June

Aerodynamics Award Lecture
1730–1830 hrs  

Aeroacoustics Award Lecture
1730–1830 hrs  

Tuesday, 26 June

Excellence in Aerospace Awards Luncheon
1230–1400 hrs

Aeroacoustics Award Lecture
1730–1830 hrs

Fluid Dynamics Award Lecture
1730–1830 hrs

Wednesday, 27 June

SAE/AIAA William Littlewood Memorial Lecture
Highly Efficient Civil Aviation, Now via Operations - AAR & Challenges
1300–1400 hrs 
Raj Nangia, Research Fellow, University of Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom.

Aeroacoustics Award Lecture
1730-1830 hrs  

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Award Lecture
1730–1830 hrs  

Special Events

Aeroacoustics Reception
Wednesday, 27 June, 1830–2030 hrs  

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