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Technical Presenter FAQs

AIAA is the premiere place for aerospace industry’s conferences and events. Presentation of research results and conferring about cutting-edge developments from engineering and science to management and policy is a priority among our members and nonmembers. For those interested in sharing their knowledge with other leaders, we provide answers to help you get started.

Abstract/Draft Manuscript



How do I submit to a conference?
Go to the appropriate conference web page (for a list go to Events) and click the “Submit A Paper” button. If not already logged into AIAA you will be prompted to do so. If you do not have an account with AIAA, you may create one at this time. You do not need to become a member of AIAA nor is there any fee. After you have logged into AIAA, the ScholarOne Abstracts submission site will open. Click the Submission tab and then the “Create a New Submission” link. Complete all 5 steps, ending with the “Submit” button at Step 5.
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Can I submit more than one abstract for the same paper?
No. files may only be submitted once.
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In what format should I write my abstract?
While there is no required format, many authors use the final manuscript template available on the Technical Presenters Resources page. The content of abstracts must follow Abstract Submission Requirements listed on the conference’s Call for Papers link.
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How can I verify that my conference submission is complete?
Upon completion of your submission, you should receive an automatic email from ScholarOne confirming that you have completed your submission. Additionally, you may re-access the ScholarOne submission site for your conference and see whether or not a submission is in draft or submitted. To do so, re-access the submission site for your conference from the conference web page, click the Submission tab and then click View Submissions.
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I received an email indicating that my submission is still in draft, but I thought I had completed it. What do I do?
Please re-access the submission site from your conference web page, click the Submission tab, and then choose View Submissions. All submissions that are complete will be listed in a table titled Submissions. Any submission still in draft will be in the table titled Drafts. To finalize draft submissions, click the edit button to return to the submission and complete any missing information. Be sure to click the Submit button at Step 5.
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I completed my abstract submission, but need to modify it. Is this possible?
You may make modifications to your submission until the submission deadline passes. To do so, re-access the submission site through the conference web page, click the Submission tab, then the View Submissions link. Click Return to Draft for the submission you wish to modify. After making all necessary changes, you must return to Step 5 and click the Submit button to ensure that your submission is re-submitted. Once the submission site closes, you cannot make any more changes to your submission.
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I submitted my abstract to the wrong category/topic; can I change that?
Prior to the submission deadline, you may revise your submission topic. Access the ScholarOne submission site for the conference, click the Submission tab and then click “View Submissions” from the vertical menu on the left. In the Submissions table, select “Return to Draft” from the dropdown box under "Take Action." Go to “Step 2: Submission Details." Make the necessary changes and click “Save.” You must then go to “Step 5: Review & Submit” and click the "Resubmit" button. Failure to resubmit will leave your submission in draft which will prevent it being considered for the conference.
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I know the abstract submission deadline day, but at what time does the submission site close?
Submission deadlines are at 2000 hrs Eastern Time USA. The submission site will close down at that time even if you are in the middle of your submission so please plan accordingly.
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The deadline has passed to submit an abstract; can I still submit it to the conference?
If the abstract deadline has passed, contact the appropriate organizer listed on the Call for Papers link for the particular conference to inquire about late submission, which is granted only at the discretion of organizers.
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The abstract submission deadline has passed, but I need to change my author list. How do I do that?
Submission details may be changed by the submitting author only, of accepted submissions only, after author notices have been sent. This "Open Edit" period lasts through the manuscript submission deadline. The submitting author must re-open the conference ScholarOne submission site. Once in ScholarOne that person must click "Submission," and should read the posted instructions. The submitter must then resubmit at Step 5.
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When will I receive notification whether my abstract is accepted or rejected?
Notification dates are listed on the conference’s Call for Papers link.
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What is my control ID number?
Your control ID number is the unique identifier of your conference paper submission. Please include it, as well as the name of your conference, in all correspondence concerning your submission.
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I lost my control ID number. How can I retrieve it?
If you submitted the abstract, log in to your conference web page and re-access the submission site. Click the Submission tab, then the View Submissions link. Your control ID number will be listed there. All email notices, some of which are sent to all authors, also contain the control ID number in the subject.
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My email address has changed since I submitted to the conference. How do I update it so I receive all notifications?
To update your email address, login to www.aiaa.org using your former email address (it is only a username so it does not matter that it may no longer be an active email). Click My AIAA at the top of website. Click on Edit Contact Info and update it there. After you have completed this update with AIAA, you must access the ScholarOne Abstracts submission site, even if the deadline has passed and the system closed. When you access the site, even just the Welcome page, ScholarOne will automatically update your email information. To access the submission site after it has closed, click the “Manage Submissions” link on the conference web page.
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I have an accepted paper; how do I submit my manuscript?
The author listed as presenter will receive an email with final manuscript submission information approximately 2 months before the manuscript submission deadline.
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Is there a page limit for the final manuscript?
There is no page limit for final manuscripts. Most conference papers are 12-24 pages, including citations.
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In what format should I write my manuscript?
For manuscript format, download the appropriate template, found on the Technical Presenter Resources page. The template is available in Microsoft Word and LaTeX. The formatting requirements are identical, regardless of which program you use to prepare your manuscript,. Please follow the specific formatting instructions in the template.
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Where can I find the copyright form and related information?
The copyright form is electronic and is on your manuscript submission page. A copy exists in the AIAA Manuscript Preparation Kit found on the Technical Presenter Resources page. The electronic copyright form is the only one you are required to submit.
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My paper has been published in an AIAA journal. Can I still present it at a conference?
An author may present his/her paper at an AIAA Conference as an oral-presentation only if it has already has been published in an AIAA journal. AIAA will not permit duplicate publication of the same content in the conference proceeding. Considerations will only be made if the content has significant changes from the published journal article.
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When will paper numbers be assigned?
Papers numbers will be assigned just prior to the conference. After assignment they will be visible in the online agenda.
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How do I change the paper presenter?
Presenter changes can only be made by AIAA staff. The currently designated presenting author should email the AIAA staff contact for the conference ScholarOne site with the request. Since the presenter is the only author with manuscript submission access, he/she should confirm understanding that that access will be transferred to the new presenter. If the manuscript has already been submitted, changing the presenter will delete the manuscript so the presenter should confirm understanding of this and that the new presenter is able to resubmit before the manuscript deadline. After the manuscript deadline has passed, the presenter will not be changed. Please email your session chair(s) with the updated information.
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I submitted my manuscript, but find I need to make some revisions. How can I do this?

You may upload manuscript revisions at will through the manuscript deadline date. Simply re-access your manuscript submission page, delete the existing file and upload the revised version. After the manuscript deadline date has passed, it's possible to get revision access up to a few days before the conference starts by emailing revisions@aiaa.org. Please see the Revisions_PaperDataUpdates.pdf posted on your manuscript submission page. Once papers are published online on AIAA’s Aerospace Research Central (ARC) website, updates submitted thereafter will only be available through the Crossmark feature.

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I uploaded a revised version of my paper but I don’t see it in the online proceedings; how do I correct this?
Revised manuscripts must have been submitted prior to the date papers were published online to be available in the proceedings during the conference. For questions, email revisions@aiaa.org.

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My paper is in the proceedings, but I found that I still need to make a revision? Is this possible?
Once papers are published online, manuscripts cannot be replaced. You may submit corrections for your paper during the optional open update submission period from 0900 hrs the first day of the conference through 7 business days following the last day of the conference. Your original paper will remain as published but updates submitted will be available through the Crossmark feature approximately two weeks after the conference has ended. Updates submitted during this period are limited to changes affecting the interpretation or crediting of the work. Changes to content, grammatical errors, spelling errors or errors in formatting are not permitted. For more information, visit https://arc.aiaa.org/page/crossmark.

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How do I withdraw?
To withdraw your paper, please email withdraw@aiaa.org and include the name of your conference and the control ID number before the manuscript deadline.

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Dates to Remember

  • Manuscript Deadline: 14 May 2019
  • Early Mem Reg Deadline: 27 May 2019
  • Cancellation Deadline: 27 May 2019

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